About Michelle


Michelle has been a life coach for more than 12 years. With an office located near downtown Miami, Florida, her company Creative Life Management, offers personalized, high-quality life coaching. Michelle believes that you can feel good even in moments of stress. She teaches her clients to pause for a moment, to center them self and to respond from a place of strength rather than agitation. She has been dedicated to helping people create a life that feels good.

Michelle’s strength is looking at the person as a whole. Her intuitive ways enables her to hone in on the key areas that need to be resolved. While there is no magic formula she does her best to work through issues as quickly as possible. She helps you look at something old in a new way. She guides you through understanding the depth of who you are — all the aspects of yourself; your past and present situation, the choices behind your results, and what you want most in life.

This website will be continually updated to give you tools, information and insight.

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